Redesign your garden into a masterpiece.
Our landscapers have many years of experience
We take time to understand the landform.

Our landscape team our horticultural expertise, create magic

The Design

They write music with their knowledge of the flora or fauna into the design of the environment within the landscape creating enchanting, inspiring and mystifying infusions of styles to create the perfect setting for your desires.

Local Experts

And who better than our local natural experts that know the landscape like no other, we do it right the first time well creating a happy atmosphere well we work, that we leave behind when we say good buy and bless you well.

The natural elements

We use all the understanding of the natural elements such as landforms, elevation and terrain shape, and importantly bodies of water and even obscurer things like weather and lighting conditions are taken into consideration when planning.

Our Process

We present you with our concept design of your garden and explain what we intend on doing and then when all parties are happy we move forward and provide a quote on the project as a whole.

We first inspect the property and if we are contracted the cost of our first inspection will also be included in the final bill.

We are able to provide the following services –

Dutch style Aquascaping

Japanese styles as well as using Japanese aesthetic concepts of Wabi-sabi or Iwagumi style

Jungle style aquascape

Nature style
Saltwater reefs

Landscape architecture

Ecoscaping integrates architectural planning and effective use of resources
To find out more please contact one of our representatives.

Our ornamental home plants for sale

The organization is also currently growing a number of Palms and Arquids which will be made available to the public once they have finished reaching a size that is convenient for both the customer and the grower.

However you can also book your orchid flower or Palm now., and one of our representatives will inform you how long it will take for your plant to be ready.

By booking early you will get a 50 % discount when the first crops are ready to sell.

Here are some pictures of the following orchid flowers and Palms and the varieties we are growing.


Phoenix roebellenii- Pigmy Date Palm.

Our Orchids currently under production

Miltonia Orchids

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