Phoenix Real Estate Technologies prides itself on the top level service from highly experienced plumbers. It is able to offer services Cape Town, South Africa – with plans to establish divisions into in other parts of the world we are currently operating.

The Plumbers we manage and coordinate come with many years of on-site training and dedication.

Phoenix Real Estate Technologies provides the services that cover all Aspects of Plumbing, which include:

Pipe Location and Leak Detection

Domestic, Industrial, Commercial

Boiler and Solar Maintenance, Geyser / Repairs

Tank Re-Lining & All Pipe

Kitchen  & Bathroom Renovations

Consultancy & Plumbing Inspections

Design & Layout Of Plumbing & Drainage

All Water Tanks Inspections, Refurbishments & Servicing  

We operate 24 hours a day. Please call us on (+27) 21 418 1543 

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