Electrical services

Electrical services

Phoenix Real Estate Technologies has formed a relationship with an Electrical contractor providing us with the necessary expertise.

The organization has on standby licensed electricians and able to handle any residential, industrial and commercial repairs, remodels, and new maintenance as well as construction contracts.

24-hour emergency service

We are available night or day and respond very quickly to emergency situations and as for setting up appointments it’s easy, smooth and we arrive on time to get the job down within a few minutes we will be out of your way.

We provide you with a free estimate for electrical, photovoltaic energy systems and low-voltage LED’s

Why work with us?

We are a global emerging company grown out from Cape Town South Africa and our main drive as an organization is a service, service.

We pride our self in everything we do and are always looking for new and unique services to improve the experience for our customers and partners.

As a newly established business, we bring a new flavor to the old working model of the electrician and seek to provide the very best in young talent that produces every time high-quality workmanship, and competitive prices.

The organization provides the following electrician’s services.

1) Electrical inspections
2) Installations,
3) Maintenance and Repairs
4) 24/7 service.
5) Rewiring
6) Air conditioning
7) Energy saving assessments
8) LED installations and supply
9) Geyser, stove and extractor installations
10) Power failure
11) Pre-paid meter installations
12) Pool sub-distribution installations and repairs
13) Project management of electrical work
14) Procurement of electrical products
15) Light repairs & problematic light switches
16) Fluorescent light fittings
17) Upgrade and repairs of DB boards (Distribution Boards)
18) Security gate motor repairs
19) Electrical fence installation and repairs
20) Conveyancer’s Certificate / Transfer attorneys
21) Solar energy solutions & backup energy supplies
22) Residential, Commercial and Industrial Generators

The way we work

Our pricing

We endeavor to provide all our clients with the best competitive pricing today and never compromise quality.

Depending on distances to be covered and after-hours rates are determining factors.

Scheduling an Appointment

Once an appointment has been confirmed it is strictly adhered to.
Our supervisor keeps the team focused when a project commences making sure that it is on time and schedule.


Our mantra is, do it the right the first time the right way.

Personal Attention

The Organisation believes in quality over quantity, enabling us to form good solid relationships with our clients.


The organization through industry associations and standards is fully qualified and certified.

Our Services

Our offices are located in the heart of the city and easily to locate.
The availability and communications between our clients and customer service and electricians are key to good service.

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