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Your device becomes a 3D theater

MOPIC is a company specializing in researching and commercializing 3D technology with the aim of enabling all 3D contents to be viewed in a safer and economic manner. 

With its technology, MOPIC enables watching 3D effects without 3D glasses or HMD. 

Based on such innovative technology, it is expanding its business scope to cover daily life.

Beyond your imagination

With the Mopic 3D you really bring your phone to life. In a few simple steps you give your phone a 3D screen and you create your own 3D theater. The effect that is created is comparable to that of a 3D map. Mopic creates a 3D experience that you will never forget. It works very simple and without glasses. Simply click the Mopic to display your phone screen, download the Mopic3D app on Google Play or in the App Store and enjoy your 3D screen on your phone.

3d Theater in your pocket

Until now, there was no good way to bring the 3D world to your phone. As more and more 3D content appears on the market. But that is changing now. With the Mopic 3D it is possible to bring the world of 3D technology to your smartphone. So you always have your 3D theater with you in your pocket.

Great 3D experience

Through the Mplayser3D app your 3d experience is greatly improved. The app uses so-called “eye tracking” which optimizes the screen. So you always have access to the best possible 3D experience that Mopic has to offer. But there’s more. The Mopic is designed so that you can also enjoy your 3D screen outside.


Do you no longer feel like in your 3D screen, no problem. Remove the Mopic from your screen and attach it to the back of your phone. This way the Mopic protects your phone and becomes a normal phone case.

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