Solar Solutions

Solar for the Future

Phoenix Real Estate Technologies’ aims to make life easier for its customers and the families that it serves, it aims at helping them with making decisions to become more sustainable and off-grid or to reduce their electrical costs.

It has been shown that a very high demand for energy has created a move away, and need to become independent from the current grid.

Industrial Solar

In the next two years, grid-connected solar will quadruple.

This expanding escalation of PV solar home installations across the globe and favorable market conditions for growth in the PV homes sector will likely be sold or refinanced more regularly.
We provide consultation and instilation.

Portable foldable Solar

The company Phoenix Real Estate Technologies provides a range of foldable Solar that is lightweight, durable, portable and is ideal for providing power for hiking, camping, sporting events, on campus and at the beach, it provides the perfect power supply in places without electricity, or you can simply put it in your backyard and is waterproof.

Fixed Frame Solar

The majority of home solar installations are rooftop-mounted panels. Roofs offer a practical and ready location to install solar cells on most occasions.

Fixed Frame constructed of materials like tempered glass and aluminum making them very rigid and durable enough to withstand the elements in a permanent installation.

Solar products

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