Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality technology has advanced significantly in recent years, making it even more relevant in the Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) field than ever before.

Architects, engineers, and construction teams are using Virtual Reality (VR) to improve their performance.

Phoenix Real Estate Technologies are specialists in architecture, 3D and VR imagery.

Using VR, you can push the boundaries of visualization and design.

VR allows designers to deeply understand a building or space, visualizing it long before construction.

Phoenix Real Estate Technology works with the world’s best in both Virtual and Augmented Reality.

We provide VR turnkey solutions to individuals and corporations.

We have a strategic relationship with UF Architects (Urban Fluid) – enabling a full spectrum of architect services.

Phoenix Real Estate Technologies also works with the world’s best architecture and VR enterprise software – WorldViz.

We make use of a 360/VR Scanner, that has a 4K resolution. We can scan a building’s interior, and create an online 3D floor plan. Click here to view a 3D demo scan.

Using this technology, we can reduce project costs and time.

Through Worldviz, we utilize the Unreal Engine and Unity 3D. This allows us to build VR software and games.

We can create prototypes to meet your client’s standards, under budget and ahead of schedule.

Through VR, we can build interactive environments that allows clients to visualize tangible spaces.

Finally – VR also helps with communicating concepts and visualizations to team members and clients.

Contact us for any questions or queries – let us help you create an innovative solution for you or your clients.

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