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WorldViz VR Brings Reality to Design

Phoenix 3D Scan in partnership with WorldViz, provides professionals in the architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) industry with solutions which create full-scale 3D Virtual Reality walkthrough models of their designs.

Our solutions enhance work team collaboration and provide a platform for more effective communication with clients.

Some of the most successful companies in the world benefit from WorldViz’s revolutionary technology, providing reduced design costs and shortened time to market.

Reduce virtual design
and construction costs

  • Detailed Virtual reality demonstrations of your designs make it easier for clients to understand a project’s true value
  • Multiple user collaboration aids faster more informed decision making.
  • Import BIM and CAD files with ease and experience 3D models at full scale.
  • Up to 90% cost reduction with virtual mockups over physical mockups.
  • Deliver natural immersive experiences with precise motion tracking technology

Bring Reality to your design

Virtual Simulation Systems: What is architecture Interactive

Architecture Interactive (AI) is a software/solution developed by WorldViz as a virtual simulation, immersive design, architectural visualization, and communication tool for the AEC ( Architecture Engineering Construction)  industry.

Our systems are built using the highest quality virtual reality products on the market with an emphasis on portability, ease of use, and a large return on investment (ROI). Virtual simulation systems provide the ability to create customized interaction with a 3D environment in real-time without low-level programming experience.

The solution has the ability to replace costly, static physical mock-ups for a fraction of the cost with greater results. AI is used as an internal design tool, as a communication tool between designers and ends users / owners, as a marketing / presentation tool within and outside of an institution, as a training tool for safety / operations, and a sales tool for the prototyping and implementation of critical products / equipment.

In short, virtual simulation systems provide you with a full sense of presence in virtual representations of spaces that do not yet exist. The value of intuitive exploration and presence in a virtual space is compounded by features within AI tailored to the design and presentation of architectural spaces (such as medical operating rooms, patient rooms, hospital atriums, hotels, restaurants, themed entertainment parks, etc.).

Virtual Walkthrough system

Head-mounted Display,or HMD, systems utilize a fully immersive display worn on the usershead.  This is the system that the Architecture Interactive team travels with as it provides the most portability, the highest level of immersion, and wide area motion tracking – known as Precision Position Tracking (PPT). This allows the user to walk around the 3D scene as one would in real life.  Single user systems provide full immersion for a single person while others see his/her viewpoint on a large screen for discussion and collaboration.

Use a PPT Wand to interact with the model and control features of the virtual reality system.


3D Projection System

3D projection systems provide a collaborative experience with a multitude of form factors, prices, and applications. 3D projection systems include Powerwalls (large single screens), L-shaped walls, Corner projection systems, and full BIM multi-walled projection systems. While these systems are typically permanently installed and have a reasonably sized footprint, they provide a semi-immersive experience for a large number of people. Bring your building or project to life right in front of your eyes.

Briefcase VR
Carry on Virtual Reality

BriefcaseVR is a fully immersive, fully portable Virtual Reality starter kit. It comes with rendering software, an immersive VR headset and appropriate motion tracking hardware that can be easily packed away for convenient travel. BriefcaseVR has been created for seamless integration into your current design workflow using your 3D modelling software. No programming experience is required. Our software allows you to easily convert your BIM files into road-ready Virtual Reality mock-ups for presentation to current and prospective clients alike.

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